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1908 122 College Avenue

The building we see today as a single business is actually two separate buildings erected at two different dates. In this story we focus on the building at the corner with Second, the older of the two buildings. Read the full story on StoryMaps.

1890 – 510/512 (old 506/508) 1st Street

This building was erected in 1890 after the great Cheney fire of 18 April 1889. John Melville and George W. Rich built two 25' x 65' commercial spaces sharing front and back façades. The brick buildings were typical commercial one-story structures with a flat roof, with a built-up front façade that sat on basalt foundations. Remodeling has completely covered the original building and the east side wall was rebuilt with cement block to re-enforce the deteriorating brick after the small adjacent building was removed. The building housed two commercial spaces known as 506 and 508 1st. Click Read More to view the story.

1890 – 506 (Old 504) 1st Street

Remodeling has hidden the original architecture of this building. This is another one erected by Paul Bocion in 1890 after the great fire the prior year destroyed the wood building that had held a general merchandise store then a restaurant. Both this building and the one on the corner were referred to as the Bocion Block. Click Read More to view the story.

1886 – 502/504 1st Street

This corner building at 502/504 1st Street was rebuilt from the ruins of the former brick building after the fire of 18 April 1889 by saloon owner and wholesale liquor dealer, Paul Bocion. Click Read More to view the story.

1910 – 424 1st Street

This corner building was designed by well-known Spokane architects Kirtland Cutter and Karl Malmgren. It was erected under the direction of local builder, Ed Erickson during the summer and fall of 1910. Click Read More to view the story.

1883 – 416 1st Street

This building is believed to be the oldest brick commercial building in Cheney, though our pioneer ancestors would not recognize it today. Only a few details from the original building remain on the front façade. Erected in 1883 by Wellington W. Griswold after having seen the damage to the business district from several fires, Griswold's building was a fine 2-story brick structure which housed his Gem Saloon on the ground floor with a large hall on the second floor. Click Read More to view the story.

1890 – Pomeroy Building 407 – 411 1st Street

Called the Pomeroy Building or Moose Hall, this two-story building was erected in 1890 by Dr. Francis A. Pomeroy with partner and first tenant, George Gale Mobley, a general merchandise vendor. The timing was fortuitous, for when the Cheney Normal School was destroyed by fire in August 1891, the newly completed building had space on the second floor to accommodate some of its classes. Click Read More to view the story.  

1900 – 414 1st Street

This one-story 30 by 90 foot building at 414 1st was erected about 1900. The first tenant of the building appears to be Houck & Monk general store. Louis Houck operated a very successful business, developing it into the first true department store in town. He also served on the city council and as mayor of Cheney. Click Read More to view story.

1904 – 405 1st Street

This building at 405 1st Street was erected in 1904 to house the Farmers & Merchants bank by Dr. Francis Pomeroy, physician and real estate developer. That same year, Pomeroy had a brick warehouse building erected facing F Street at the rear of this building. That building also housed a plumbing business for a time. The wall between the two was opened up around 1916 creating the L-shaped space we see today.