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1908 122 College Avenue

building at night with lights and outdoor seating

Built to be the Post Office

Map showing location of building

The building we see today as a single business is actually two separate buildings erected at two different dates. In this story we focus on the building at the corner with Second, the older of the two buildings.

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What was here before? Sitting centered under both buildings now occupied by Barrelhouse, was a wood-frame building that was used as a warehouse, carpenter shop, and later a lodging/boarding house. It was moved off the lot to make way for the new brick Post Office.

Map shows wood Lodging building prior to brick one
Wooden building (1907) removed from site.

The 25′ x 70′ one-story building was erected in 1908 by Dr. Francis A. Pomeroy as the new Post Office. Postmaster, Frank Spangle and his crew moved all of the furniture and fixtures from 401 1st Street in early December of that year.

six men stand inside Post Office
Post Office 1909, tall man, center is Frank M. Martin, young men at right are Claude Hathaway and Leo Ames

The Post Office interior was remodeled in 1913 and 300 new mailboxes were added in 1917, but growth in the town made it clear that they had outgrown the building. Dr. Pomeroy had a new Post Office erected in 1918 on 1st Street where the Owl Pharmacy parking lot is today.

A series of grocery stores were located here through the 1930s.

List of items purchased from grocery for Men's Commercial Club
Burgans was one of the grocery stores that operated in the location

Dokken & Dokken Dry Cleaners operated here in the 1950s.

Maddux Cleaners took over in 1956. They moved to 409 1st Street in 1958.

print advertisement
Owners, Mr. and Mrs. Reese Maddux

In 1960, Cheney Furniture store was located here, followed by Campus Pizza in 1966, and Davito’s Pizza in 1968,

Davito's pizza menu

then Savage House Pizza in 1969.

In 1999, Twenty-four Frames Cinema moved the entrance to 2nd Street. They used both the 122 and 120 building spaces for their 2-screen theater. It closed in 2003.

corner view of building
Cheney Twenty-four Frames Cinema, 2001

Pita Pit restaurant, using only the 122 building operated 2006 to 2009,

Menu cover of Pita Pit

followed by Matt Irvin’s Immix restaurant 2009 – 2012, and from 2012 to 2015, Zentropa Pizzeria which expanded back into the 120 building.

Mike Lyon’s Barrelhouse Pub & Pizza opened in both spaces 9 January 2016.

Barrelhouse occupies two buildings
Mike Lyon's Barrelhouse Pub & Pizza
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