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WWI at Home Erickson Brothers

WWI wagoneer

Fred Erickson was 28 years old when he enlisted in the National Army at Fort George Wright on December 14, 1917. He was a wagoneer with Company C 20th Engineers. Fred served overseas from February 1918 to May 29, 1919. He was discharged from the Army on June 10, 1919, and married his Cheney sweetheart, Mabel Bedker that September, returning to farming. 

Herbert Francis Erickson was a laborer at the Pine Creek Dairy in the Pioneer Township south of Cheney when he enlisted in the National Army at Fort George Wright on December 14, 1917. He joined the Army with his older brother, Fred. Francis served with Wagon Company 1 of the 23rd Engineers Regiment. He was sent overseas January 24, 1918, in May of that year he was transferred to the Advance Department 1 Chemical Warfare rising to the title of Authority Chief. He returned to the States March 31, 1919, and was discharged a month later.

Francis married the younger sister of Fred’s wife, Loree Bedker in 1921.

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  1. Should anyone need assistance with regards to information about the 23RD Engineer Regiment during WW1, Please contact me. I would be more than happy to share information. My grandfather served with Company F of the 23rd from September 1917 to June 1919.

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